About Sensei Leonardo Gil Beroes.

Sensei Leonardo Gil Beroes started his Karate journey in 1967 in Maracay, Venezuela, initially practicing Shito Ryu under Sensei Isiyama Kuriyama. His academic pursuits led him to Europe, where he studied French at Bordeaux University and later pursued interior design at the Art School of London and chemistry at Birmingham University. In 1980, Leonardo joined the Shorin Ryu Karate Family, attaining a Brown Belt in 1982 and achieving Black Belt (Shodan) status by 1985. Convinced that Shorin Ryu Karate was his life’s path, he returned to Europe in 1995, establishing the first Shorin Ryu Karate Dojo in Amsterdam in 2009.

With no instructors teaching his style initially, Sensei Gil Beroes opened the Dojo to the public at the Pijp Sport Centrum in 2009. Regular visits to Italy to train with Sensei Freddy Torres enhanced his expertise, culminating in earning his Second Degree Black Belt (Nidan) in 2013 and his Third Dan (Sandan) in 2014 during the inaugural international event of the OSRKF Federation, co-founded by Sensei Gil Beroes.

In October 2020, he attained the Fourth Degree Black Belt (out of five), marking his continuous dedication to mastery. Presently, Sensei Gil Beroes owns the largest Occidental Shorin Ryu Federation Dojo, boasting over 87 students. The Shorin Ryu Karate Amsterdam Dojo stands as a testament to its strong foundation and aims to perpetuate the legacy of esteemed masters: Haruka Nakama, Godan Richard Nilsson, Sensei Glenn Bechtold, and Godan Freddy Torres.

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